First cousins Kathryn Price and Traer Price are a dynamic duo.

After living with a family in Dharamsala, India and actually witnessing a tiny mouse stealing treats from the family's altar to the Buddha, author Kathryn Price imagined what the mouse might have learned in such a sacred space. She enlisted her cousin Traer, a water choreographer and world traveler herself, to illustrate and publish this sweet tale, and The Mouse & the Buddha and Little House Press were born.


Kathryn is now an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ in the Chicago area. She brings her uniquely spunky lens on faith and her love of all wisdom traditions to her parishioners, young and old.


Traer is a great lover of kitties–she was so glad that Tsi Tsi was able to befriend one! Traer enjoyed using Kathryn's pictures and memories to bring Tsi Tsi's journey to life.


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